Entry #2

Crash Bandicoot Flash Game

2008-02-18 15:16:35 by James-Davis

Some time ago I started to make a crash bandicoot flash game, I posted it in the forums and people seem to like it so I could well start to rework on it.

Here is a demo and screenshots - http://www.freewebs.com/radioactivefla sh /crash.htm

If anyone wants to see more of this just say and I might complete it!


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2008-02-22 20:58:00

Please make the game! I have wanted to play a Crash flash that's completed. Also, there is NOT A SINGLE CRASH FLASH in Newgrounds. Finish the game and remind every one of a almost-forgoten legend.

P.S. Where did you find the song for the demo?


2008-02-29 22:30:42

You know, you say, "Please note I am not very good at flash..." But your Crash Bandicoot game says otherwise. Hell, you do a lot better than a third of the people here. Very good graphics, it's good that you went out of your way to make hand-made graphics than to use sprites. That proves that you're not a noob. :)


2008-03-27 05:09:50

Meh, it isn't that great. Jumping animations don't work all the time, boxes don't work properly and neither do checkpoints. It's too close in and the physics aren't right.

There's a Crash Flash that TaroNuke and I are making that has these fixed, have a look at that and see how it should be.


2008-05-01 12:34:33

hi davis its me and your crash game is the worst ever
only joking its ok for an amature


2008-05-01 12:36:45

why have you put that stupid picture on davis